Admission Requirements

Prerequisites to the Anesthesia Technologist Program (selection will be based on these courses):
  • English 1A
  • Chemistry 2A (may substitute Chemistry 1A or Chemistry 22)
  • Anatomy 25
  • Physiology 1
  • Speech 10
Additional Classes Required for the AT Program and Associate Degree (selection is not based on these courses):
  • Humanities (See catalog or Counselor for list of options)
  • Math 131 (Intermediate Algebra or a course which fulfills the Math requirement)
  • Physical Education
  • Political Science and History (See A.S. degree requirements) or American Institutions 125
Contact a counselor in Building L Room 104 for further information.
General Admission Requirements for the Anesthesia Technologist Programs:
  1. Upon selection to the AT program students are required to complete:
    • A health clearance
    • Maintain a valid American Heart Association CPR card.
    • A two step TB test is required upon entrance to the program.
    • Complete a criminal background check in order to be able to attend clinical experiences. Details regarding these clearances will be provided with the acceptance packet upon selection. Students who have questions or concerns about the background check are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss these concerns with the Anesthesia Technologist Program Director.
  2. Anesthesia Technologist students must have the ability to communicate safely, accurately, and effectively in both written and spoken English.