What is an Anesthesia Technologist?
Technologists function as support to the Anesthesia Providers in the care of patients undergoing anesthesia for surgery & procedures. They are knowledgeable in equipment set-up and are trained to anticipate the needs of the patient and the provider, according to the surgical requirements, procedure or circumstance. They understand the many technologies used in anesthesia, as well as posses the ability to troubleshoot and perform on the spot repair of equipment.
Where do Anesthesia Technologists work?
In a variety of settings such as hospital operating rooms, labor and delivery, pain clinics, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and ambulatory surgery centers.
Why college programs?
In conjunction with certification, education & accreditation, college is a tool to help assure a well-prepared and qualified workforce providing health care services.
What will I learn as a student in the Anesthesia Technology Program?
Technologist level education & practice includes, but is not limited to: Anesthesia Machine, ECG interpretation and advanced cardiac life support, Anesthesia Pharmacology, Monitors and Troubleshooting, Hemodynamic Monitoring, IV/Phlebotomy, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump, Cell salvaging, and Assistive and direct support in the care of the patient.